An incredible young man

Created by Julie one year ago

Leonard was the absolute best friend of my daughter and her partner. Other than when he was at uni he was never far from their sides. Either  working with Chris, watching Emmerdale with Em, playing with their dogs , eating with them and just being their all time number three in their lives.

Whether it was Family dinners or occasions at mine or us going out for dinner, Family occasions with Em and Chris it would invariably be “is it ok if Leonard comes?” It was a given that Leonard was always included!

Leonard was consistently lovely. Kind, Caring, funny, entertaining, thoughtful, generous  interested in other people- in fact one of the  most wonderful people I've ever known.

My last memory of Leonard is a family get together on Boxing Day 2021 . As usual Leonard was happy and full of fun. We had a game of Cards Against Humanity. Leonard was helping Chris’ Dad as he hadn't played before. Leonard sidled up to me in the kitchen and said “Chris’ Dad just asked me what teabagging is!!” My response was “Well did you tell him the truth?!” We shared a real laugh about it. (and yes he had told him the truth 😂)
Who would ever have known this would have been the last time I saw this incredible young man.

Leonard- Thank you for sharing some amazing times with me. Thank you for being such a fantastic friend to Em and Chris

We all miss you so much. Its so sad your life ended the way it did

i concur Linda and Andy's message- talk to each other, confide in at least one person, if you're struggling seek help. Keep safe.

There are wonderful charities supported on here- There is also  SOBS UK - a charity that supports survivors of bereavement by suicide…. We are all survivors of this and there are local SOBS support groups that may help you.

Rest in Peace Leonard - you were unique, so loved and will be so missed 💔

Julie xx