Long Itchington Young Farmers Ball

2018 September 28

Created by Emily E one year ago

This was a brilliant night. One of the many many happy times with Leonard. Long Itchington Young Farmers 75th Anniversary Ball at the Chesford Grange Hotel.

Chris, Leonard and I got ready at ours, had some drinks and then got dropped to the ball.

We had a wonderful evening drinking, dancing and laughing. Leonard was probably the only person who could get Chris to the dance floor! (even I'm yet to master this!) So that's where we spent most of our evening, and we certainly had a 'ball'! 

When we went home Leonard and I were hungry (as always) even though we had a 3 course meal at the ball! So I cooked us bacon sandwiches and we sat eating them at 3am watching some rubbish on TV whilst Chris was crashed out asleep! 

Happy times, Happy memories 💙